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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Cajun Mardi Gras Festival Take Place?

The Cajun Mardi Gras Festival takes place in the downtown historic district of Eunice, Louisiana. The band stage is located at the corner of Walnut St. and South 2nd St. 


Why is Mardi Gras celebrated and what does it mean?

Every year, the people of Louisiana celebrate Mardi Gras, which is French for "Fat Tuesday." This holiday is the day before Ash Wednesday, and it begins a season of fasting, called Lent, for many Christians leading up to Easter Sunday. Today, Mardi Gras season is a time of merry-making, indulging in good food, dancing, and celebrating.

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What is the Jean LaFitte Center and where is it located?

The Jean LaFitte: Prairie Acadian Cultural Center tells stories of the Acadian exiles from Canada's Nova Scotia who settled in Louisiana's prairies developed a distinctive cultural mix of Cajun, Creole, and cowboy. The Prairie Acadian Cultural Center tells this story through ranger programs, exhibits, and films. The center features cooking and crafts demonstrations, local musicians, and dancing for all. Center admission is free, but is currently closed.
HOWEVER, the National Park Service will be hosting demonstrations on Monday in the courtyard. 

250 Park Ave
Eunice, LA 70535

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What is a boucherie?

A "boucherie" (which translates to butchery) is a Cajun tradition aging back in time before refrigeration when killing a hog meant you needed a large crowd to feed it to. It’s an event unique to South Louisiana. While communities in the eastern and northern states may barbeque a hog for a celebration, here in Louisiana, a "boucherie" is different. It doesn’t have to coincide with a holiday or occasion; it is THE OCCASION.


What kind of food should we expect to find?  

At the festival, you will find a wide variety of food genres and flavors. We will have over 15 food vendors on location. Vendors will be serving everything from classic, Cajun favorites (like Jambalaya and boudin) to barbecue, Asian cuisine, soul food, and much more. But let's not forget all the tasty, sweet treats that you can eat!! (like king cake, beignets & much more)   


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